Income Tax Plan For Individuals

Individuals Income Tax Plan A2

Income Tax Plan For Individuals

What is included

  • Salary or House Rent Income
  • Salary/Pension Income > 50L
  • House Property
  • Other Income (Bank Interest, Dividened,etc)
  • One or More than One employer
Plan Includes

  • Salary/Pension Income > 50L
  • Any Income/Expenses related to House Property (Example - Rent Income)
  • Income from other sources including: FD, PPF, Savings, tuition, dividend, Family Pension, Agricultural Income
  • Chapter VI-A deductions including: LIC, EPF, PPF, ELSS & other MFs, Medical, Principal on House property, etc
Documents to be uploaded

  • PAN Card
  • Form 16 from employer/s
  • Aadhaar card
  • Form 26AS (Tax Credit statement)
  • Investment proofs/documents
  • Bank Statements
Who should Buy?

  • Individuals having salary Income > 50L
  • Individuals having owning house/property
  • Individuals Having income from other sources
  • Not for salaried individuals who are dealing with mutual funds, shares & securities
How it works

  • You purchase plan
  • Upload documents in our secured ERP system
  • Talk to your expert
  • Preparation and filing
  • Support via chat, whatsapp, email & call

  • If any significant changes are to be made after an expert has processed your order, You may have to purchase a new plan accordingly or upgrade the current plan based on requirement.

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